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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! ....and please XD Evernote is great and all, but the lack of paragraph styles is just absolutely maddening for me. Every time I want to format a paragraph as an H1, H2, etc... I have to manually format each one, add spaces around them, etc... and in a long document this broken workflow can become so intensely frustrating and soul crushing, especially coming from HTML and CSS where one line change in my CSS will change all instances of an HTML tag, that it can make a person want to give it all up and drive off an Arizona cliff, "Thelma and Louise" style. Now, I know your team wants to make Evernote simple. but there is such a thing as "too simple" meaning that the fundamental, bare minimum feature set is not fully represented, and this lack of fundamental features ends up crippling a users workflow. This is also a reason why I have never upgraded to Evernote premium. Rich text editing in Evernote has always been below the standard that I expect for a rich text editor, which is really what Evernote is, after all. It would be amazing if Evernote added the ability to quickly add H1, H2, H3 ... H6 header tags, paragraph tags, and other necessities and allow the user to choose different stylistic themes. It would be even better if Evernote then added font size, line height, line length and vertical rhythm sliders to allow the user to quickly change the spacing of the text in the document on the fly and immediately see the visual results in real time. All of these parameters could adjust themselves in relation to each other, maintaining proper ratios and generally observe good typographic principles, while at the same time maintaining the simplicity and delightful ease of use that I think your team is after with Evernote web beta. The current situation in Evernote web beta feels incomplete, if not broken. It definitely needs adjustment, and if this were to happen then I could consider it the viable platform that it seemingly wants to be. Of course this my opinion, but it's an opinion that is pushing me, and others that I have discussed this matter with, away from Evernote and into the arms of other solutions. Cheers, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  2. Fantastic to hear, thank you! That's what i get for listening to a friend who obviously does not know the platform! Well, hopefully they retain and expand upon the feature in the new version as well :-) Cheers, R
  3. When writing notes it is usually done in the day in an office with nice outdoor lighting and all, so black text with a white background makes sense. But often presentations are done in timely lit theaters or a night or in other situations where changing the theme of the presentation from light to dark makes a lot of sense. So I would like to request the ability to hit one button in presentation mode that would invert the colors of the text and background to the opposite, so that a presentation can be made in dark spaces as well as light. In the most common case black text on a white background would become white text on a black background. If there is any text that is colored otherwise of that the user would not want inverted then the user could specify which text that would be. Images would nit be inverted, of course, as they are designed to stay the same regardless of the environment around them. And in the future in general, adopting the day / night theme concept will only make the platform better and improve usability for your customer base. Thank you, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  4. Hi Evernote, I would like to see multiple columns added to the new web beta interface. As an example, a two column structure would allow me to switch instantly between notebooks in the first column, and then switch instantly between notes from the selected notebook in the second column. And as my previous request, i would also like to be able to switch between grid view and list view in both the notebook and notes columns to allow for quick navigation through all of my notebooks and notes. Grid view is best for quickly moving between notebooks and notes because it naturally increases the amount of items that can be viewed at once and list view is best for seeing a little preview of the written content of notes because the extra horizontal space for each notebook/note allows for extra information to be presented. Thank you, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  5. Hi Evernote, I would like the ability to switch between list and grid views in the notes column in the new web beta. The list view is nice, but I would still like the ability to look through my notes a little more quickly using the grid view as well. Keep the clean and simply aesthetic of the web beta, simply add the ability to switch to grid mode. Thank you, Richard Nash, Los Angles, CA
  6. Hi Evernote, I would like to have the ability to use key commands and markup/markdown support in the future to allow for fast formatting of notes. The in-place editor tool tip is fine, albeit a bit limited at the moment, but in the future it would a big productivity boost to allow user stop use key commands and/or markup/markdown syntax to format notes in Evernote, Thank you, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  7. Hi Evernote, I'm not sure if this a bug report or a feature request, but when I scroll using the trackpad in the notes column it keeps stopping on every third or fourth note, because the scrolling function seems to be confused by the cursor position, so my cursor seems to think that i want to stop on a note, rather than keep scrolling through them. All in all, I cannot scroll smoothly and with the appropriate inertia through my long list of notes. I feel that this needs to be added/fixed to improve the UX of the product, which is otherwise pretty nice :-) Thank you, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
  8. Hi Evernote, I really like the new Evernote web beta interface. It may actually get me to use Evernote again, as I had moved away from it's cluttered and confusing interface, but I think it is a little feature poor at this point in time. One of the things that I would love to see implemented in the new Evernote beta is paragraph styles. This new interface is clearly inspired by medium.com and in-place rich text creation and editing in general, which I am a rather large fan of. But something that Evernote has never had before is paragraph styles. I would love to have the ability to designate a paragraph as either an H1, H2, H3, Title, Subtitle, Block Quote, Paragraph (Body Text), or Citation. It would not have to be an exhaustive list, just add a second row of buttons to the in-place tool-tip/HUD/contextual toolbar that would represent the most important paragraph styles, like the ones that I have mentioned. This would go a long way to making the new Evernote web beta a complete and beautiful solution for creating and saving our thoughts and stories :-) Thank you, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA
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