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New web beta does not allow notebook links to be created


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I use multiple web based tools in my daily workflow.  I often generate links to notebooks in a customized dashboard and in a few project management tools I use.  I just tried the new beta version in chrome and noticed that the links no longer work and don't see a way to generate a new one (there is no individual url in the address bar).  I obviously now can, return to the old version, but that won't be an option when the new version goes live.  I normally use Evernote to collect information for later use and organize in Project Stacks with 8-10 notebooks.  I need "one-click" access to these notebooks via url or my workflow simply doesn't work.   The lack of unique urls for notebooks looks like it might be a product of a new "platform" for the beta, so my question is: Will users no longer be able to open notebooks without starting from the home page?  I found no other discussions about not having a "notebook url" option in the current version so maybe its not important to most users or maybe I'm missing something??

Thanks for any help of feedback.

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I think you're missing the word "beta". It's clearly not final, and Evernote has said that stuff that is missing now will be coming back. I can't recall if anything was said specifically about saved searches / shortcuts, which is what I think that you're referring to when you talk about "notebook links", but forum search might help track that down, if you're interested.

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I should add that I've posted elsewhere that existing note links also do not work in the new web beta version. I reverted to the older version when I learned that as I use note links enough to make that important. 


While this is "beta" if no one reports the problems then when the alpha version is released isn't it possible it will have all these problems?


To revert back to the old we version, you can go to your settings and scroll down, there is a choice to go back. 

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