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Bug: Disappearing text during sync


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I have seen a problem with the last few releases of EverNote Windows ver.

Randomly the newest text (yet unsynced text) will disappear during manual or automatic syncing.

This is on my desktop that is always on-line.

Example: If I append my daily log with todays date and other text and I hit the manual sync button 2% of the time the text I just typed will disappear from my note.

I've literally watched it disappear in front of my eyes.  It does not return, I have to retype it.

The same is true for auto-syncing.

Has anyone else seen this?






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Yes, this issue is correct. I am seeing it too. I suspect it has something to do with the new feature that trys to sync notes once it detects a change. Please roll back this "feature". As users we cant afford to loose what we put it.


On the topic of raising a case. I have a few cases raised that NO ONE from support responded to in 3 weeks. I had to stay up at 2 AM my time just to get hold of someone on chat !


EN team - please go slow on rolling out new features. I understand you are trying to make the product "better" but you are doing it at the cost of loosing data and crippling existing users. What do you gain by doing that ?


This just can't be the future you plan for Evernote.


Why not release a new version in phases ? Start with an internal deployment, then progressively go out to groups of users.


As EN becomes an important part of your users lives, you cant be cavalier about the quality of the code.


Phil hope you are listening.

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