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Notes disappear

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What OS ver and EN client/ver are you running?

Did you check the EN Trash?

Did you check the EN Web client at Evernote.com?


By "saved twice", do you mean sync'd twice?

I would sync after every significant Note is entered or changed.

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I just upgrade my iMac to Yosemite.

After that, I can't see no more notes on my EN account :(  ; I'm using 5.7.2 app version.

I try to connect directly to evernote.com....the same problem :(

Please, there is any way to have back back my notes?


I did something wrong or there is a problem with the server?


If I write a new notes, everything looks ok and sync...




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I scan and file my notes into a notebook.  I go to the notebook and the note is there.  Within the same visit, without doing anything, the note "looks like it is there" but when I click on it to open it... the page is only partially there and eventually it disappears completely.  This keeps on happening.  The only work around I have found is to go to my evernote scans folder in my dropbox account to retrieve it and put it back.  What is going on?

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