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Crop PDFs





How do you deal with pdf's which show much more than you actually need?

I want use Skitch to add comments to details of a technical drawing which normally prints on A1. So I would like to crop the pdf showing only the relevant part. I'm pretty sure someone else must have had the same problem before...


Thanks for your help!




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I am also interested in this issue. I have a PDF text book for my stats class and we are expected to bring formula sheets to the exam. On my MacBook Skitch lets me do a crosshair snapshot, and I can take just the formula and paste it into my sheet in a Word doc, evernote note etc. Perfect! Now what about on ipad? The feature is not available.


I am new to my ipad mini 2, but although I've downloaded various apps and searched for a solution, I can't find a quick easy way to clip out just the formulas I need.


Any ideas? Is it the ios that is constraining the ability of Skitch to perform the crosshair snapshot? Or could I make this a (do-able) feature request?


Help appreciated!

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Skitch isn't capable of this it doesn't seem. You could try a more sophisticated application like Readdle's PDF Expert 5 or PDF Converter. If I have a moment today I'll see if I can do this with PDF Expert 5. 


Otherwise, I know that Adobe Acrobat can do this on desktop computers. If this is a really big deal you might have to bite the bullet and go down that road. 

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Actually there is a pretty simple solution:

1. Open the PDF in full screen view.

2. Zoom and pan to have the see only the area you want to crop.

3. Take screenshot (Home-Button + on/off-Button)

4. Open Skitch and get the image from your Photos.

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