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  1. That is a helpful solution, thank you MatzR. I am a bit worried of wearing out my buttons considering I have so many formulas - is there a 'click' on screen way of performing the screenshots? Thanks again.
  2. I am also interested in this issue. I have a PDF text book for my stats class and we are expected to bring formula sheets to the exam. On my MacBook Skitch lets me do a crosshair snapshot, and I can take just the formula and paste it into my sheet in a Word doc, evernote note etc. Perfect! Now what about on ipad? The feature is not available. I am new to my ipad mini 2, but although I've downloaded various apps and searched for a solution, I can't find a quick easy way to clip out just the formulas I need. Any ideas? Is it the ios that is constraining the ability of Skitch to perform the crosshair snapshot? Or could I make this a (do-able) feature request? Help appreciated!
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