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I am not seeing all my Notebooks' notes?


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At the moment I have a Notebook with 7 notes inside. The Android, online and Windows versions of Evernote see and show this number, but the desktop version only shows me 2 notes that i can interact with. I've tried deleting the Notebook and starting over, but I've fallen into this same problem again. What is the problem?





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Hi - seems like an odd problem;  have you tried all the different views in the desktop app - snippets / cards / list ?  As you only have 7 notes,  and if the problem persists,  try uninstalling and reinstalling the app,  and also exiting Evernote (File > Exit) and renaming your EXB file to something else (BXE?).  Then restart Evernote so it rebuilds the database from the server.

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