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  1. I still can't insert a table into another table, so frustrating.. I was hoping this might be fixed. I'm still using the old 'solid black' tables created many updates ago, Evernote devs seem to be neglecting the data still inside these cells. There is still some conflict between the old tables and the new.
  2. Hey this update is actually pretty good, the tables are a little better.
  3. I recently updated Evernote, and the update seems to have broken functionality of my existing tables. I want to create a table inside a table, but the 'Table' and 'Horizontal Rule' buttons are not clickable for me.. not even through the toolbar. No longer allows something as simple as a backspace either. As it is now, the buttons only work on tables created after the update. I've probably got over 50 tables worth of information, I do not want to create new tables for existing data just because Evernote decides it wants to update. Prime example of an update breaking s***. Please Evernote, make the old tables compatible in a new update.
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