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  1. I've recently been using Handbrake to decrease the filesize, works really well. I managed to cram a 100MB file into 20MB by messing with the A/V options.. the overall quality is noticeably reduced but not too drastically.. reducing the audio quality helps significantly. I'm still limited to only 25MB per note which sucks, but this workaround at least helps me fit the files into Evernote.
  2. Oh goodness, the formatting is messing me up. I can't seem to start a new message from scratch so this will have to do. Well I'm trying to upload a couple mp4 videos alongside some sheet music I've been practicing on. Problem is, they are over 60MB, which is the limit on my account. One video is 70MB, the other is 100MB. I keep all reference materials on Evernote so i can view them on my phone/tablet, which is very helpful. At the moment I've only got 20MB available for the next couple weeks.
  3. I'm unemployed, it's complicated. I already followed the Evernote contact form, there were no suggested responses, so the form lead me here to you pack of wolves
  4. I'm not interested in purchasing anything, 99% of it would be wasted if i did.
  5. I still can't insert a table into another table, so frustrating.. I was hoping this might be fixed. I'm still using the old 'solid black' tables created many updates ago, Evernote devs seem to be neglecting the data still inside these cells. There is still some conflict between the old tables and the new.
  6. Hey this update is actually pretty good, the tables are a little better.
  7. I recently updated Evernote, and the update seems to have broken functionality of my existing tables. I want to create a table inside a table, but the 'Table' and 'Horizontal Rule' buttons are not clickable for me.. not even through the toolbar. No longer allows something as simple as a backspace either. As it is now, the buttons only work on tables created after the update. I've probably got over 50 tables worth of information, I do not want to create new tables for existing data just because Evernote decides it wants to update. Prime example of an update breaking s***. Please Evernote, make the old tables compatible in a new update.
  8. Thanks for your advice guys, really appreciate it. I've tried Evernote Free on Android.. it's good but it needs some work, especially Evernote Widgets. I came from using Gnotes, and have been weary to take the plunge into Evernote.. but it hasn't been too bad so far.
  9. I looked at the pricing options and found that "offline access" is a Premium feature, which I'm not interested in. I look over at the Free features and see that it is able to "sync" data across multiple devices... this is already confusing. Wouldn't data that is already synced to mobile already be accessible offline? If not, they may have just lost me as a potential user. If I wanted to set up a widget on Android, how would this appear offline? What about online? Are widgets even available in the free version of Evernote for Android?
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