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Strikethrough causes "This note contains some unsupported formatting"

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For some reason, in the latest version of the Android app (v. I've started getting this on a very simple note (1 link, a few lines of bold text). One that I can edit just fine on my iPad.

When I go to edit it, it only shows me one screen worth of info (you can't scroll down further) and there's only an "insert text..." box at the very top.

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I figured it out... it's due to a single line of strikethrough text!?!

Proposed solutions:
BEST: support strikethrough editing!
MINIMAL: fix the scrolling issue

This is how it displays in the note list (note missing strikethrough):

This is what it looks like when you open the note:

This is what it looks like when you edit the note:

If the note is longer than a single screen, you can't scroll more (even though the scrollbar says otherwise) and won't get the bottom edit box:

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Thanks for reporting! We'll investigate the issue. Do you know if this was working before the latest update? 


Almost certain that it was working at some point recently, but I can't be sure of when it was, sorry.

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With my Android app (Ver 7.0.3 with Nexus 7 2013, L_Pop), I see the inexpected message ”This note contains some unsupported formatting" continueously, in the case of Web clipping, since from Ver 6.x. In other word, there wasn’t this kind of problems in Ver 5.x. So, I can’t go on “In Line Editing”, with Android apps.


Case_1:  Web Clipping on Android

In Line Editing on Android : OK

In Line Editing on Mac : OK

In Line Editing on iPad : OK


Case_2:  Web Clipping on Mac with Chrome Browser

In Line Editing on Android : NG

In Line Editing on Mac : OK

In Line Editing on iPad : OK


Regarding Chromebook app: Same with Android app.


Please check again,


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I can confirm that, a year and a half later, this is still an issue.  I was in a meeting and got the "This note contains some unsupported formatting" error when I tried to pull up the agenda I had prepared in advance.  Afterwards, a quick Google surfaced this strikethrough issue.  I removed the strikethrough and I could then pull the note up normally on my Android device.  This is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts about Evernote.  It continually has problems with basic formatting.

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