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  1. This is a popular idea... 4 different requests... come on, Evernote!
  2. This is a popular idea... 4 different requests... come on, Evernote!
  3. +1 on this idea! 4 different requests... come on, Evernote!
  4. I've tried clipping this in Safari and Chrome under Mac OS X Yosemite and it's only saving the text from the page, not the content of the embedded tweets. I've tried article, selection and simplified article clipping with no luck. http://blog.alfredapp.com/2014/10/16/9-alfred-features-you-might-not-know-exist-yet/
  5. Almost certain that it was working at some point recently, but I can't be sure of when it was, sorry.
  6. No mods have any feedback on this? iOS supports strikethrough just fine.
  7. I figured it out... it's due to a single line of strikethrough text!?! Proposed solutions: BEST: support strikethrough editing! MINIMAL: fix the scrolling issue This is how it displays in the note list (note missing strikethrough): This is what it looks like when you open the note: This is what it looks like when you edit the note: If the note is longer than a single screen, you can't scroll more (even though the scrollbar says otherwise) and won't get the bottom edit box:
  8. For some reason, in the latest version of the Android app (v. I've started getting this on a very simple note (1 link, a few lines of bold text). One that I can edit just fine on my iPad. When I go to edit it, it only shows me one screen worth of info (you can't scroll down further) and there's only an "insert text..." box at the very top.
  9. +1 for reverting this functionality or giving us a way to change our preferences.
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