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'Sorting' Notes Settings


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Hello Everyone,


I use EN on my WINDOWS 7 Desktop.

My layout shows

> Notebooks (left window) 

> Note Snippets (center window)

> Full note (right window)


At the top of the 'snippets' window is a icon /dropdown showing the options for 'list', 'snippet', 'card' - and a nav link to 'Sort Notes By' .

> I ALWAYS want to use 'snippets' for the view (checked)

> ALWAYS want my notes displayed via 'Title' (checked)

> Always by normal asending order <VS 'Reverse Sort Order'> (Unchecked).


The PROBLEM is EN seems to have a default setting of sorting according to 'Created' AND in 'Reverse Sort Order'

I know how to change those settings but HOW DO I KEEP THEM SET the way I want them?




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I don't have any problems with this, but I understand that some people do. Try this: set things the way that you want, and then exit Evernote completely using File / Exit. Then restart Evernote.

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