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  1. Ok, THANKS gazumped I see now that on my Windows EN Desktop Application there is a icon at top right with a pulldown - and see a 'modify sharing' option there. I had been looking around in the 'web' version (VS on my DT version - go figure) Anyway - THANKS for the tip s2s
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a notebook I'm been sharing with a contractor - and now I want to STOP sharing my notebook with them. How do I go about doing this - OR am I better off transferring all the notes out of the notebook - and then deleting the notebook? Looked around - searched the Forum - just don't see the answer (which I'm SURE someone has asked about before) tia, s2s
  3. Hey jefito, Applied your suggestions - so far it (my preferred settings) seem to be holding. Thx Update: it's been a week+ and your suggestion seems to have done the trick - THANKS
  4. Hello Everyone, I use EN on my WINDOWS 7 Desktop. My layout shows > Notebooks (left window) > Note Snippets (center window) > Full note (right window) At the top of the 'snippets' window is a icon /dropdown showing the options for 'list', 'snippet', 'card' - and a nav link to 'Sort Notes By' . > I ALWAYS want to use 'snippets' for the view (checked) > ALWAYS want my notes displayed via 'Title' (checked) > Always by normal asending order <VS 'Reverse Sort Order'> (Unchecked). The PROBLEM is EN seems to have a default setting of sorting according to 'Created' AND in 'Reverse Sort Order' I know how to change those settings but HOW DO I KEEP THEM SET the way I want them? tia, s2s
  5. sgb SCOTT thx for the resource Jefito "trust, but verify". If it doesn't work the way that I said it does, report back.... ....will do - thx again s2s
  6. Jefito, ok - I must be hallucinating - but I've made a note of your instructions and trust in your expertise. Thanks again
  7. BurgNF - ok, not a fan of Goo - but will use it - THX for speedy response. ( lol - Goo results brought me back to this note) Jefito - Windows 7 - DeskTop PC
  8. Hello, Been a EV user for awhile - yet.... #1) I don't see how/where to do a SEARCH in this forum to determine if the answers I need have already been addressed here. #2) How can I keep the Editing toolbar (Font size, font color, etc) above main window for notes VISIBLE - sometimes it's there - sometimes it's not - drives me nuts. Using EN on Windows7 - DT PC tia, s2s
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