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Save Button Disappeared!

john Magee


When sharing a notebook - I typed in the email address and choose View only and USED to click the save button and it would send an email with a join the notebook link. The save button has now disappeared and my only option is to dismiss. Am I missing something or is this a bug?



PS -I have attached a screen shot with the view I get  -the SAVE button used to be bottom right - I am using a Mac


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Looks like you've lost the button - but I'm not a Mac user,  so I'd wait for the next commenter to cover that.  Seems like you might want to consider restarting your system and uninstalling/ reinstalling Evernote from the Evernote.com website if it stays missing.  As this is a public forum I did want to say that if those email addresses are real,  you might want to look into shading them out,  otherwise John and derick might gain a few new friends in the next few days....

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