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Suddenly, a couple of months ago, I'd go to save an edit and I'd get a message pop up that says the Note is in use. And now it gives me an option to edit anyway when I'm attempting to add to a note. Why is this happening? I don't stay logged in anywhere but on my iPhone. No one else is using my evernote. How do I get this to stop showing up? I emailed EN support and they replied they couldn't help me, that I had to get on a forum here or use the support page! Anyone else have this problem?

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Just to be clear, this is a note that you created on your iPhone and later trying to edit on your iPhone, correct?  Do you share this note with anyone?


The message you are seeing is (I believe) due to some new code that EN added to help control shared note editing. 

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Relevant Knowledge Base article:



Quite likely a note is active on another device you use Evernote on, and Evernote thinks that note is being actively modified. So, if you were recently editing a note on your iPhone, and while the note is still active, sleep the device, then return to that note on your computer shortly after, Evernote might think you are actually still editing it on your iPhone. 


Try ensuring you have backed out of the note on your mobile devices (e.g., by returning to Evernote's home screen) and see if that fixes it. 

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I share the account with my boyfriend and he hasn't used EN in months. I also never stay logged in on other devices. Hell, I rarely use EN on other devices, just my iphone. I've gone into all other devices (laptops) and logged in AND out. Not sure what else to do, but it's annoying! The only other thing I can think to do is look at my bf's phone and see if he's logged in and log him out.

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Perhaps a mass log-out and logging back in is all that is needed to fix it... you shouldn't have to log out every time. If you do, something is wrong. 

Being logged in, in and of itself, shouldn't cause this issue. You should be able to be logged into any number of devices without an issue. It's the specific case where Evernote thinks a note is actively being edited, which is typically only when it has been selected on that device and the cursor is in the body of the note (or in the note info fields).


It is possible that there is some kind of bug... but this would be the first I've seen it reported on these forums. 

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