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Add section of text to pdf



I'm sure this feature exists but I can't find it.


I want to either be able to add text to the margin of a pdf, that can be viewed within a pdf when I open it. Similar to the Notes feature within Preview. 


Or I'd like to add a hyperlink to a point in the pdf, which I can then reference within my note later on.


The real life equivalent would be writing say 20 words in the margin of a book, which you can then see when you're reading the book later.



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Premium users can "annotate" a PDF.  See here for more details.  Not quite the same as typing in the margins but might provide what you want.


Ah, just saw your other post and see that you are aware of this but that it is not working for you.

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I'm a windows user and am guessing but hopefully this feature works similar on the Mac.  I don't believe there is a way to change the font type but there are size options.  In the annotate toolbar below the color selection icon is the size option icon.  In Windows it is a circle with a slash in it and it provides 5 size options.  It shows line size being affected but changes the text size too.  Also, resizing the text box after you have entered the text changes the size accordingly.

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