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Is there a way to modify sort order?

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I have a number of notes in a notebook, some I've named, others I've taken the default name (which in my case means YYYY_MM_DD_HH_etc.).  When I see the list of notes in a notebook (using Snippet view), (also, btw, I have the notes listing by "title", and I do *not* have "Reverse Sort Order" checked), what I see listed is the oldest dated notes listed at the top, going down to the newest dated notes, then, the named notes beginning with those who's name begins with an A and going down to the Z's.


When I click "Reverse Sort Order" it lists the newest dated notes at the top, followed by the named notes beginning with the Z's down to the A's.


In the perfect world, I'd love to have the dated notes list newest to oldest, and the named notes list A's to Z's.


Does anyone know if this is doable?


(Using windows platform.)

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No way to do this. Everything just uses a single sort order. All notes have names, all notes have dates, and there's not really any way to distinguish among them in the way that you're describing. One sort criterion only.

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