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  1. Don't give Adobe any money if all you want to do is rotate a PDF. (I'm not a fan of Adobe...) Several PDF viewers allow you to rotate & save. The free version of PDF Xchange viewer not only allows you to rotate, but you can password protect AND...password encrypt a PDF too. http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer Thanks BurgersNFries. I have installed PDF Xchanger Viewer and it works like a champ. And it seems to "play nicely" with Evernote too. So a minor annoyance has been resolved with your help! Thanks for the response Scott. I'm on the Windows platform - should have put that in my initial posting. However my daughter is on Mac so I will pass the info along to her.
  2. I use my ScanSnap 1300 to scan pages into Evernote. Occasionally, I scan in a doc that was printed in landscape format. And 90% of the time the ScanSnap program figures out that it needs rotating, and will place the pdf in the EN note in the correct orientation. (I *do* have the box checked in the SS program to "automatically rotate the image".) However, sometimes the pdf will be placed into the EN note in it's native orientation (ie. it's needing to be rotated 90 degrees to be read correctly). Using EN I can access the pdf in adobe reader, and then I can rotate the image the 90 degrees, but I cannot *save* it back to EN in this new orientation. Question: I know adobe has different software packages (reader, acrobat, etc.). Anyone have any thoughts on which is the most cost effective (ie. "cheapest") package to purchase if I simply wish to rotate a pdf and save it back into EN in it's new orientation? Help!
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall the previous Web Clipper gave you the option, as you generated a clip, to enter a *different* note name instead of the name that Evernote was going to assign to it. Is this functionality no longer there, or am I missing something? The new clipper (as far as I can tell) doesn't give the user that opportunity. If you don't prefer the name Evernote is assigning the note, you have to subsequently go into Evernote and rename the note. Anyone else seeing this?
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