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Sharing of entire notebook for team

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I've currently organised my work important documents for my team into 1 notebook and multiple notes (Based on topics).  It seems that I need to share notes with each team member, one at a time.


How do I share the entire notebook with my team members at one go rather than share each notebook one at a time?


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Right click on the notebook, select "share notebook",

enter the email addresses for your colleagues into the little box,

select the type of access they should be given (read only, read and edit, read edit and invite)

and send it away!


Here's a guide in the Knowledge base:



and you may want to check out Evernote's "getting started" for a refresher on some of EN's basic functions:



(i've linked to Mac info because that's what I am on, but you can just select Windows from the dropdown if that is what applies to you. 

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Thanks, Scott.  The problem is that I have multiple notes and 1 notebook.  Somehow, I can only share notes, not notebook.  This means that sharing with my team is very tedious because if I have 20 notes & 1 notebook, I need to share it 20 times with the same individual...

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Sharing notebooks is indeed possible. I (and many other people) are doing this right now. You didn't say what Evernote client you are using, but in the Windows client, you right-click on a notebook in the notebook list in the left panel, and select "Share Notebook..."

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You can just create a new notebook, move any of the content you'd like to share to that notebook, then share the notebook. You can have up to 250 notebooks in your Evernote account.


Did you check out the getting started guide I linked to above?



That should give you an overview of some of these more basic functions and features.  

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