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Log on to second computer

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I signed up for evernote this week. I have no problem loging on with this computer(the one I signed up with, but I can't get loged on with my other two computers. When I try I get the message "Cannot connect to server please try again". Any ideas?



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Hey Scott,

No network or internet issues. One computer is on same network as computer that will log on. All three are windows units.


A little additional information. I have tried three web brausers (IE, Sea Monkey, and Aviator.


Thanks, udlee

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Does the problematic computer have any software firewall or some overzealous anti-virus enabled? If you are permitted to do so, try disabling anything like that to see if that solves the issue. you might need to create exceptions or rules in your firewall/anti-virus in that case. 

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Ok Udlee,

I was just running through some standard troubleshooting that I can think of based on the details you've provided. I wasn't trying to blame your computer, specifically. If you've already done the troubleshooting I've suggested, then I am out of ideas. 

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