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Feature request: copy selected area



I frequently need to do screen captures of parts of a pdf in Skitch. (I copy these to EN where I can make more extensive comments than possible in the margins of the pdf.)

My current workflow to do that is:
  1. Open pdf in Skitch
  2. Highlight or draw a box around some text.
  3. Home & Power to take screenshot
  4. Home; Photos; Select most recent photo
  5. Edit; Crop; Drag from 4 sides to select area
  6. Crop; Save; Open in …; Copy
  7. Open EN
  8. Navigate and Paste
  9. Write comments

It would be much easier if Skitch allowed crop of a tap-and-drag rectangle, leading to "Open in …" to copy the graphic to the clipboard.




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An alternative on the chance it might be easier to implement would be to allow a copy (as a png) of the current page or screen in the pdf. Again, it would be easier to do this rather than have to do screen capture, exit, Photos, copy, return to EN.

Either of these options would be a significant improvement over what is available in other pdf annotation tools.

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