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Please delete my account and posts

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I am so very sorry you are dealing such a horrible siuation. Unfortunately I don't think anyone is up right now that has the power to delete your account as that can only be handled by actual Evernote employees. And they are only open Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Time. HOWEVER...

You have the power to delete all of your posts, with the exception of the first post of any thread you started. Go to the Full Forum site on your desktop computer and Click on your Username in the top right corner of the screen;

* then click on My Content

* then look on the upper left-hand side of the screen in a rectangular box with two main sections listed in black. Under the first "By Content Type," Click on "The Forum" (in green)

* in the same box under "See the Member's" (in black), Click on "Only Posts" (in green)

This will bring up a list of all your Forum posts and from there you can delete them. I don't know if you'll needed to do so individually or not. (Sorry)

First thing Monday morning, contact Support. If you have a premium account, use the Live Chat option. And regardless of whether you are a paid or free user, PLEASE post again here as soon as you are able on Monday so can:

A) Let us know if YOU are okay.

B) If you have managed to delete all of your posts.

C) Work with any EN staffer who's on the forum that morning to help you finish closing down your account.

Again, I'm beyond sorry that you forced to deal with such a scary situation.

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