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Adding link to web page with Evernote for Win 8


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I have been using a very old version of Evernote for years. With that version I can copy something from a web page and paste it into a new note and the date and link are automatically saved.


I now have a new computer and I am trying Evernote for Win 8. With this version only the date seems to be copied--not the link. At least, if the link is recorded I cannot find it. I have had to resort to manually copying the link and pasting it into the "Create link" field. This is very tedious.


Is this the only way now?


I did see that there is another app for web clipping. I don't understand if this is a separate program or an addon to Evernote. Are there people that don't using web clipping with Evernote?





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Hmm, where is the "i" icon? Are you referring to the Win 8 version? I see only a back icon and a delete icon. I found the dates under the "More..." menu option on the menu on the left side of the note, but there is no link there.

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