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  1. I am using the Windows 8 app or what you call "Touch."
  2. Well, there is a toolbar but it isn't the same and the only I on the toolbar is for italics. Any other ideas?
  3. Ok, I now have found that I should have posted it under "Products, Evernote, Categories-Windows 8". And I note that it doesn't have to have a "Windows 8" tag in order to appear here, but I suppose it should have that tag for filtering reasons. As I mentioned this forum is way different than all the others I use. Sorry for all the questions.
  4. Jeff, Thanks, searching for the tag "windows 8" worked great. Now, how should I have posted my original post. I did tag it "win8" and apparently that wasn't the correct tag. I later tried to change the tag to "Windows 8" but I couldn't figure out how. If I had used the "Windows 8" tag and posted my message in the General section would it have automatically been moved? Or, are they not actually moved since there doesn't seem to be a Windows 8 section--just a windows 8 filter? Also, is there a list of tags currently in use?
  5. Phil, Thanks, that was easy. I use many forums but this one is unlike any I have seen. Is there also a way to see only Windows 8 topics? I can't seem to find a Windows 8 section, perhaps it is a filter but I can't find that either.
  6. Hmm, where is the "i" icon? Are you referring to the Win 8 version? I see only a back icon and a delete icon. I found the dates under the "More..." menu option on the menu on the left side of the note, but there is no link there.
  7. Thank both of you for your replies. For future use, how would I go about finding it after it has been moved?
  8. Well, it is too late now, but at the time all the text was deleted, you probably could have used the Undo option on the formatting menu.
  9. As you said, the settings menu is a Win 8 issue. All Win 8 apps are supposed to use the generic Windows "Charms menu." You get this by pressing the Win key and the C key at the same time. Then you will see a Settings option. [Note that this is also how you print (using the Devices option)]. The screen layout is also designed to meet Windows 8 requirements. Items must be larger so that you can manipulate them with a finger instead of a mouse pointer.
  10. Hmm, my previous post from yesterday (8/28/14) seems to be missing. Perhaps I said something somebody didn't like? Is this a common occurrence?
  11. I have been using a very old version of Evernote for years. With that version I can copy something from a web page and paste it into a new note and the date and link are automatically saved. I now have a new computer and I am trying Evernote for Win 8. With this version only the date seems to be copied--not the link. At least, if the link is recorded I cannot find it. I have had to resort to manually copying the link and pasting it into the "Create link" field. This is very tedious. Is this the only way now? I did see that there is another app for web clipping. I don't understand if this is a separate program or an addon to Evernote. Are there people that don't using web clipping with Evernote?
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