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Evernote loses 3 days of history, synced to last Monday


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Yes they lost over half of my tags, again happened Monday.  Support seem entirely uninterested (so I have no idea if they can help or not, although one agent suggested I send a screenshot of the tags that have disappeared!)  I have to say that as a premium user I am singularly unimpressed with evernote now and I very much doubt I will renew by premium membership.  Three days later and complete lack of help from customer support - I am starting to look for better alternatives that I can at least trust to try to find a solution or better yet not lose information in the first place.

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@JayRogers - Sorry for your loss here,  but "3 days of history" means what?  Complete notes?  Edits? And which Windows version are we talking - Touch / Desktop / Web?  And if the history has been lost on one device,  have you checked it on any other?  -If you can give us more information we may be able to be more helpful...


@Mr Nick - if you'd like us to try to help,  similar comments apply - please provide as much information as you can as to how,  where and when your tags appear to have evaporated.

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@gazumped.  I don't know when and where my tags appear to have evaporated, they have just gone.  I had them set up as 2 main tags: home and work, with lotsIf there is any way to get them back that would be great of tags under each one (actions, contacts, artwork, all of my projects, parts of projects, ideas, business development ideas - about 75-80 under each main tag of home and work).  Sunday all of the home ones were there, Monday they weren't.  I checked on all devices: Windows (work), Mac (home), iphone (home) and ipad (work) - same situation on all of them.  Incredibly annoying.  What is worse is the attitude of the support staff I have tried to deal with.  I'm 3 days in now and still my basic questions are being ignored: the primary one being can I use evernote in the meantime, or would I lose all of the work if a solution is found / would using it make a solution less likely to be found?  I have asked this on no less than 4 occasions, and it as been completely ignored - worst of all by a chat operative named Matt, who rather than give me a straight answer ended the chat session for 'inactivity' my end.  Really not happy.


If there is any way to get them back that would be great, and if not I will just have to accept that evernote is not the solution for 'everything in one place' it is marketed as, either way I can't afford any more loss in productivity and as a paying premium member would expect a little more from customer service - not least in answering my very simple question: should I use it in the meantime?


If you are able to help I would be most grateful.

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If you have a backup of your hard drive (of course you do! You'd be silly not to!) then you can restore your Evernote database from a known good state. You can search the forums here for how to recover the local EN database from backup. 

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