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[Request] Freeform Layout

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Is the Evernote team working on a freeform layout view whereby a user can organize or layout notes in a freeform manner - similar to pinning index cards on a board for brainstorming?


This type of function is available in other programs and incredibly useful for research, note taking, brainstorming, organizing etc.  Without such a function the user is merely left with organizing alphabetically or by date which is virtually useless and visually pointless.


Instead of writing ideas in a notebook and being limited by the order in which you wrote the ideas, you want to be able to tear the pages out, tack them on a board, group them, rearrange them, color code them and so on.  Visually organize them!  This simple function would take an already good note taking tool and make it so incredibly useful for creative types.  Right now we are confined to these limited linear orders of notes that have no visual connection with each other.


A good and very simple example of this is in a writing program called Scrivener.  Written pages can be displayed linearly, like in Evernote now, but you can also move the order around manually.  AND you can also display the pages (or notes) as index cards on a board, manually arranging, organizing, grouping, etc.  Very simple, but also incredibly handy for research, writing and brainstorming.  A more sophisticated version of this is the Google app Realtime Board.


At the very, very least Evernote needs to allow us to arrange the order of the “notes” manually in the current linear layout without having to rename or number the notes to force the desired order.  








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You could also open up a support request, but as far as I know, Evernote employees do read all posts in this forum, that that should work, too. Feature requests aren't always implemented, so if this functionality is critical for your workflow, I'd keep looking...

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