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  1. Apparently, Evernote ignores the custom in customers. Please give us the ability to have better shading choices of the interface (left sidebar background color, notes column, and content column.) We've dealt with this in the past years where Evernote made everything stark white, then after much complaining by users, they finally relented and gave us a tiny little choice of grey sidebar, off-white middle note column, then white note. But once again, in the new version 7.4, they've taken away the subtleties and now it's black sidebar (as if rubbing our nose in it), full white notes column, and white content. And even removed the lighter grey sidebar choice we previously had. The full black/white contrast is hideous for many of us who use the computer all day, even in darker rooms and at night. Give us options and give our eyes a break, please. To get a clue, look at what Adobe has been incorporating into their software interface for years... understanding that people actually might use their app much of the day an trying not to burn a hole in the back of their retina. Evernote? Are your loyal, paying customers trusted and mature enough to allow them to have some color customization shading options? Have I yet earned this with my loyal subscription of many, many years?
  2. THIS IS SYSTEMIC: The mass criticism and overwhelming one-star ratings seen on the new Evernote "update" is also present with their companion tablet software Penultimate, which used to be fantastic... until the recent update. Turn on your iPad, go to the App Store and check out the same beating Penultimate is now taking with its users, including me. Similar to Evernote, Penultimate was a really good note-taking program. In fact, I've used nearly all of them but Penultimate really worked nicely, was very responsive, intuitive, nice interface, good interaction etc. I loved it and use it as part of my daily creative and writing process. Then the shoe dropped when my iPad updated to the newest version and it's virtually unrecognizable. Terrible interface, functions are gone, the previous notebooks are lost and all the pages are now one long note that won't scroll, so I can't get to my notes. And it crashes. It also is incredibly slow, doesn't recognize the nuances of the letters as it did before, responsiveness and detail is terrible, etc. It's a freaking mess and totally useless. Drove me to Notes Plus and will never go back. Evernote's brand is damaged and the brand loyalty will now follow. Here's Evernote's current scorecard in App Store Evernote: 2 Stars (out of 5) of 655 ratings. Penultimate: 1.5 Stars (out of 5) of 402 ratings. Wow. It's hard to find any App with such low ratings, let alone one that used to have such a loyal, elated following. Ouch. What are you doing Evernote? What happened? This is obviously systemic. It will be interesting to find out what happened inside at Evernote.
  3. One quick question for EN Desktop Product rep Jackolicious: In the previous thread on the new color theme, upon Locking the thread you mentioned that "Many of the concerns here have been addressed with 6.0.2". I have 6.0.2 on my system and the new color scheme situation (which was the primary concern in that thread) was not addressed at all. How was the "concern" "addressed" in 6.0.2? I don't find an option to revert to the previous scheme or an option for customization of shading. What am I missing? Many thanks for your help.
  4. By the way, who spends most of their work hours in Finder? I spend 90% of my time working in applications, like Photoshop, Premiere, AE - not staring at Finder... so who cares if it matches Finder. Beside, even Finder allows you to customize the file window background to a color other than white or an image when you are in icon view, not to mention the desktop itself so that you can choose the look (or luminance) that fits your needs. Since our previous post was "Locked" by EN in order to open this one on the same topic, this bares repeating: If you work with Adobe products most of your work day, which have a nice subtle grey interface that can be adjusted and customized (leaving mostly your work area the central focus - smart), try switching back and forth from Photoshop or After Effects to Evernote and prepare for the "Evernote Flash Bang" typically reserved for stunning bad guys on drug raids. All that's missing is a deafening noise every time you switch to Evernote and your momentary sensory impairment experience will be complete.
  5. I'm all about change, improvement, technology, pushing the envelope. That's what I do for a living. But we must recognize when something is simply not working as intended for a large number of users, such as the recent UI color scheme "improvements". And the Evernote team seems to be understanding this. It seems that for myself and others, the new scheme is so egregious and visually counter intuitive to workflow that it warrants consideration of moving away from the program or not using it as much. Given this, the simplest solution should be to provide both schemes asap (which would make most happy) and later the ability to further customize the scheme to your individual liking, which would make everyone happy. Many thanks for listening EN team. Look forward to resolution in update asap.
  6. If anyone has a decent monitor, sharp and bright, the new Evernote will burn a hole in your retinas. It's ridiculous. Try using this on a large iMac at night and you'll get complaints from the neighbors who are trying to sleep. We've come such a long way since the '80s getting our monitors to perform millions of colors and levels of shades, etc. only to now have goofy designers at Evernote to take us back to 2 bit color and no ability to customize it. I have 6 computers at my office and home running Evernote and I won't update any of the others because nobody wants to work on the hostile surface of the sun. If you work with Adobe products most of your work day which have a subtle grey interface that can be adjusted (leaving mostly your work area the central focus - smart), try switching back and forth from Photoshop or After Effects to Evernote and prepare for the "Evernote Flash Bang" typically reserved to stunning bad guys on drug raids. All that's missing is a deafening noise every time you switch to Evernote and your momentary sensory impairment experience will be complete. Going back to the previous interface color would be a start, but if you feel you must update something (that wasn't broken) purely for the sake of something to do, then give us customization which should be a piece of cake. Stop guessing because you've just guessed wrong. Plus, people work in lots of different environments, times of day, systems, and personal preferences so just add the ability to customize the Notebooks column, the notes column and the notes window separately. Until then... I wear my sunglasses at night.
  7. Thanks, Jeff. Is there any other place to submit suggestions to the Evernote team, or is this basically it?
  8. Is the Evernote team working on a freeform layout view whereby a user can organize or layout notes in a freeform manner - similar to pinning index cards on a board for brainstorming? This type of function is available in other programs and incredibly useful for research, note taking, brainstorming, organizing etc. Without such a function the user is merely left with organizing alphabetically or by date which is virtually useless and visually pointless. Instead of writing ideas in a notebook and being limited by the order in which you wrote the ideas, you want to be able to tear the pages out, tack them on a board, group them, rearrange them, color code them and so on. Visually organize them! This simple function would take an already good note taking tool and make it so incredibly useful for creative types. Right now we are confined to these limited linear orders of notes that have no visual connection with each other. A good and very simple example of this is in a writing program called Scrivener. Written pages can be displayed linearly, like in Evernote now, but you can also move the order around manually. AND you can also display the pages (or notes) as index cards on a board, manually arranging, organizing, grouping, etc. Very simple, but also incredibly handy for research, writing and brainstorming. A more sophisticated version of this is the Google app Realtime Board. At the very, very least Evernote needs to allow us to arrange the order of the “notes” manually in the current linear layout without having to rename or number the notes to force the desired order. Thoughts?
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