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I'm new to Evernote and wondering if it is possible to scroll through all the notes in a Notebook?  I click on a Notebook and it shows I have nine notes.  I want to view each note by scrolling.  How do I do that?

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There's a "Presentation Mode" in some clients - being pushed out to all of them eventually - select your notes,  engage Presentation Mode and watch a slide show.  Other than that, open List view and click on each slide title in turn.


(It always helps get pertinent advice if you say what version of Evernote you're using;  Windows / Mac / iOS / Android etc.)

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killdk - With the Windows version of EN, you can have a list of Notes and the active Note open on the screen at the same time. (Check out the View menu.)


Click on a Note in the list and you will see what is in it. Click on another Note in the list. Keep doing that at fast as you want.


Works just fine for me.


How would scrolling be any better than that?

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