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Website CSS bug

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I was on the support page (https://evernote.com/contact/support) and noticed a CSS bug. If you hover over the "Products" menu, you'll see that the "Guides" text is above the menu. It's a z-index issue.


I did some looking around and found the following CSS.

/* Guides Link: support_v2.css */#content ul.no_bullets .dropdown_trigger {  position: relative;  z-index: 100;}/* Products drop-down menu: header-and-footer.css?v1.6.3 */.app-list, .app-list-blogs {  position: absolute;  /* has no z-index set, but needs to be > 100 */}



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It happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on OSX 10.9.4, and on Chrome, Firefox, and IE11 on Windows 7. All browsers are up-to-date.


I don't know if you noticed, but I posted the conflicting CSS rules.

".app-list, .app-list-blogs" needs to have a z-index of 101 or more, so that it's above "#content ul.no_bullets .dropdown_trigger".

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