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  1. After using it a time or two it looks like the button behavior works as intended. It just threw me for a loop when the default new note menu button text suddenly changed to New Screenshot when I dragged the button to the toolbar.
  2. Think I may have found a cosmetic bug with this Windows beta. When I right click the toolbar and go to Customize Toolbar then I drag New Note (the one that offers multiple choices of new note types) to the toolbar, the label changes to New Screen shot. The button works, the label is just wrong as indicated in the below screen shot. Edit: The submenu new note buttons work to create new notes but now it appears we have two buttons in one as clicking on New Screenshot creates a new screen shot.
  3. If you use Windows have you right clicked over the pdf title in the note and selected the View as Attachment option? I've noticed on my Windows box for some reason I need to do that for some PDFs that had been viewable but had changed to the pdf file name.
  4. FWIW I have my Evernote local files stored in a TrueCrypt container. If I don't unlock that TrueCrypt container with a password it doesn't exist to Windows as anything other than one huge meaningless file. Once I've mounted it by entering the password then it magically appears as another hard drive to Windows where I can access my Evernote database, KeePass, and other confidential information. And of course I also have an Evernote offline local notebook for information that I don't want on the cloud or in my other devices. TrueCrypt was recently made obsolete since Windows 7 and newer operating systems have support for Bitlocker, Microsoft's version of drive encryption.
  5. In the Windows client you can drag and drop your shortcuts to put them in the order you want. TdeV is asking for shortcuts that filter notes to be able to specify sort parameters in the resulting note list, not a way to order shortcuts on the toolbar. Oops, I stand corrected, thanks.
  6. In the Windows client you can drag and drop your shortcuts to put them in the order you want.
  7. I'm guessing RenoGeo is referring to the tag indicated by the left arrow of my attached screen shot instead of the one indicated by the right arrow.
  8. While holding down the ctrl key, click on the 'Help' menu. Several items have moved there to make it easier for support. (It's easier telling someone to hold ctrl then it is getting them to add the debug_menu option to the shortcut!) Well isn't this little tidbit of information a jewel to remember.
  9. Just to overcharge ya'll with my 2 cents worth for a static calendar that I can fill with information that does nothing, WinCalendar is kind of neat. For a calendar that's dynamic with Evernote, which I prefer, I use TuskTools Calendar. Screen shot of one my WinCalendars attached.
  10. FWIW I use Directory Opus, (http://www.gpsoft.com.au/) which in my opinion is the absolute ultimate GUI file manager available. It can search for specific text within the files in one or more folders, it can also compare two folders and highlight the files that are different or missing. And that's just a fraction of what Opus can do.
  11. Did you read the entire thread? To this bystander it appears Charles' questions were answered, at least he seemed very happy once he understood what he was doing wrong.
  12. If you don't want to type the date each time you can insert it with a simple keystroke. On Windows machines it's this: CTRL+; (same as Excel) In new notes if you haven't typed a title and you put the date on the first line of the note, it'll become the note title by default.
  13. Really? How can you export to pdf? I tried "printing" to pdf as well, but there's no option to save as a pdf. If you're using Windows you can print to pdf from Evernote by using a free tool like this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/files/ I do this every day, works great for me.
  14. I see the same thing with both Firefox 31 and Internet Explorer 11. Windows machine here.
  15. On Windows it is, don't know about the other clients. In Windows right the note name, choose Export and export your note as an .enex file to your disk somewhere. Then go to File > Import and import it again. Or you could export the note as an HTML file and import that.
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