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A question on backing up and then deleting trash


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I like the theory of the 'trash' 'notebook' as I can see the security in accidently deleting something that you might need at some point in the future. However, in about 3 years of using Evernote, I think I have only ever actually used it once.


I currently have about 4k notes in my account with a further 4k in trash. I was wondering if clearing out the trash would bring any performance benefits (particularly smaller hard disk space requirements - I am working on Asus T100 which is excellent but has a tiny hard disk)?


I was thinking that before I cleared it out I could export the trash notebook .enex file and then upload in to OneDrive for online use only (thus saving space on hard disk). I could do this periodically as part of my normal Evernote back up process. The question then would be, if I did end up needing something that I had deleted from the trash, could I just restore the trash back-up and pull the item out that way?

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If you haven't consulted the Trash notebook for 3 years,  why do you want to save the contents?  Trash notes are taken into consideration when working out usage stats and may directly or indirectly contribute to sync failures of various sorts.  Keep it or don't,  but for heaven's sake delete the content from Evernote!


You can export the Trash folder to an ENEX file,  so the process would be to Import notes from a Trash backup if and when you need to do that.

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Yes, you do have a good point! My gut says that it is worth keeping the items, but reality says that there has been no use for them so far!


I think I'll back them up and then take out the trash then.



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