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  1. I'm getting exactly the same problem. Some of my saved searches include a notebook search (e.g. notebook:Timeline). I haven't changed that notebook at all, however now some of them are crossed out and say 'the Notebook for this search has been renamed or moved'. Even though it hasn't. Searches work totally fine in Windows and Android client.
  2. This great new feature (new to Android) was added the other day. Just hold down on the note in Notebook view, select 'Duplicate', choose the notebook you want the duplicate note to be created in, and you're done. This and note links are a great step forward. Now just waiting for the ability to change created date on Android...
  3. Am I missing something or is it as simple as opening the appropriate note, pressing the 3 dots at the bottom right, pressing 'Save Attachements', choosing the appropriate file and pressing 'ok'? This puts the file in a 'downloads' folder on my phone, that I could then get at from another app.
  4. Yes I've experienced this problem too. Tag searches are touch and go when I have a connection (i.e. selecting 2 tags at the same time usually doesn't work). But go offline and nothing comes up with a tag search.
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