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  1. I'm getting exactly the same problem. Some of my saved searches include a notebook search (e.g. notebook:Timeline). I haven't changed that notebook at all, however now some of them are crossed out and say 'the Notebook for this search has been renamed or moved'. Even though it hasn't. Searches work totally fine in Windows and Android client.
  2. Yes, you do have a good point! My gut says that it is worth keeping the items, but reality says that there has been no use for them so far! I think I'll back them up and then take out the trash then. Thanks.
  3. I like the theory of the 'trash' 'notebook' as I can see the security in accidently deleting something that you might need at some point in the future. However, in about 3 years of using Evernote, I think I have only ever actually used it once. I currently have about 4k notes in my account with a further 4k in trash. I was wondering if clearing out the trash would bring any performance benefits (particularly smaller hard disk space requirements - I am working on Asus T100 which is excellent but has a tiny hard disk)? I was thinking that before I cleared it out I could export the trash notebook .enex file and then upload in to OneDrive for online use only (thus saving space on hard disk). I could do this periodically as part of my normal Evernote back up process. The question then would be, if I did end up needing something that I had deleted from the trash, could I just restore the trash back-up and pull the item out that way?
  4. Last night I uninstalled windows client using Revo uninstaller to remove every trace from my computer. Then reinstalled and it seems to have worked. The completed reminders show as completed!
  5. I also received the same old 'uninstall and reinstall' message. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem. They then said they would escalate the problem and then I got a reply saying 'there is a bug causing this. We hope to have it resolved in an upcoming release. I do not have an estimate as to when that might be...' Its a bit frustrating really as I had tried to embrace the reminders feature with reminders for a whole range of things associated with various notes. Having them all become 'incomplete', repeatedly, has just ruined that work flow. This and the pitiful android search issues does help me sympathise with those who say 'just fix the bugs before adding new features'.
  6. Hi yes I've been experiencing this exact problem. It looks to me like the problem is with the Windows client as the same behaviour occurs when the reminder is marked as complete on either the Android version or Web version. In fact, the Windows client seemed to have unchecked most of my reminders including 500 I kept in a completed task notebook.
  7. Just to add to the noise, I've experienced a similar problem. Uninstalled and resinstalled as notes were not properly syncing. Now EN Evernote_5.4.0.3698 crashes on start up as described above. I'm currently installing the Beta...logging in seems to work...notes just syncing now...
  8. This great new feature (new to Android) was added the other day. Just hold down on the note in Notebook view, select 'Duplicate', choose the notebook you want the duplicate note to be created in, and you're done. This and note links are a great step forward. Now just waiting for the ability to change created date on Android...
  9. Am I missing something or is it as simple as opening the appropriate note, pressing the 3 dots at the bottom right, pressing 'Save Attachements', choosing the appropriate file and pressing 'ok'? This puts the file in a 'downloads' folder on my phone, that I could then get at from another app.
  10. Yes I've experienced this problem too. Tag searches are touch and go when I have a connection (i.e. selecting 2 tags at the same time usually doesn't work). But go offline and nothing comes up with a tag search.
  11. Although I've experienced this once, I'm not able to replicate it by making a note in the Windows client with check boxes, syncing the note to my Android phone and then editing the note. Seems to preserve the formatting this time. Perhaps you should open a support ticket. Being able to replicate it might be helpful for finding the source of the problem?
  12. I experienced some unpredictable 'check box disappearing acts' tonight too. Very frustrating. Don't really want to find this problem happening again but I have a bad feeling it won't be the last time that I see it.
  13. Hi I've experienced the same problem just tonight. I was out doing my Christmas shopping. I had a note containing a list of presents for my wife. There was a bit of formatting in it - bold text in some places and check boxes (as one might expect in a shopping list!). I went to edit the note on my Galaxy S3 and all of a sudden all of the check boxes had gone and the formatting was all messed up. I've never experienced this before but I found it really frustrating. I've already logged a support request. You would think that getting basic functionality right would take priority over changing the icons for things like the camera...
  14. I've been having the following problem with search in the Android client for quite a while (last few months): Press magnifying glassSelect certain notebookEnter 'created:day-1' (or any other 'created' term)Press 'search' buttonResult is a random number of notes in the specified notebook, created at random times, not just the last day. The loading circle in the top right flashes every couple of secondsThis is very strange and quite annoying as I have saved searches for journal notes created in the last week/month that don't function on the Android client. Supporting info: It doesn't seem to matter which notebook I select - problem still happensIf I don't select a notebook, then the created date search term works fineThe problem is not there in the Web or Windows clientsAny similar experiences?
  15. Thanks for all the help so far! I've checked the title and there are no erroneous spaces between words. To make matters even more complicated, using 'intitle:"men at work"' with the Windows client works exactly as you would expect. As a test I made a new note entitled simple 'men at work' and tried the 'intitle:"men at work"' search term and that doesn't bring up that note in either the Web or Android client (but does in Windows). It seems like the Android search is just quite unreliable/inconsistent in its results. Quite annoying as the search feature is so powerful in Windows client for example.
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