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Tags Problem



Hi all, 


I have few notebooks shared with my boss, and when I want to move one note from a notebook to an other one, the tags disappear. 

My boss is a premium user, I am not.


Thanks a lot for your answers. 




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I suggest a support request (see below) - Support are busy,  so while you'll get a quick acknowledgement,  a real person may take a while..  but they'll be in a position to model what you're doing,  where I'm not at present.


Questions meantime -

  1. Do you have edit priviledges on your boss's account?
  2. Have you checked the web version of your account - are your changes making it to the server?
  3. Can your boss see the tags even if you cannot?  (Can you check his account in the web version?)
  4. If he moves notes around,  do the tags 'stick'?
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