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Web Clipper AppleScript command is poorly implemented.

Sam Lewis

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I often want to save articles from the Wall Street Journal app when reading on my iPad. To do this, I would email the article to myself via the share button in the WSJ app, then, at the end of the week, I go through all of the articles I sent to myself, open them in my browser, and use the Web Clipper extension to save them to my Evernote account. The extension for clipping articles works very well, and I love the simplified article style so the articles are easy to read. However, the process of doing this for each article I want to save was slow and repetitive. 


To solve this, I learned AppleScript and I wrote a script that automatically picks up the link for the article from the emails I send to myself, and then uses the "Create note from URL" command to Clip the article from the WSJ url and places it in the notebook I specify. This process works, but the way that Evernote clips articles from AppleScript is very ugly and difficult to read. It includes HTML text from the ads on the page, as well as the entire list of comments at the bottom of the page. 


Is it possible to change the way that Evernote clips a page when invoked by AppleScript? If not, then I would like to place a feature request for the ability to match the styles of web clipping available in the extension when using AppleScript (such as the Simplified Article).


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Since you have to look at the article to email to yourself,  wouldn't it be easier to clip the item to a "to read" notebook immediately and then read it within Evernote,  deleting anything you no longer wanted to keep?


I don't know of anything that would allow you to directly modify the page content in the same way that Clearly does - I think this is a feature request.

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