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How can I get access to the stuff that my friend shared me?


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My friend has shared me a well structured notebook which he has built over years via a mail. In the mail I can not see anything of the notebook. In my evernote I can see it neither.

I am a new comer to evernote. Could someone of you tell me how I can get access to the shared stuff, and what is the relationship between the sharing mail and evernote application installed by a receiver.

Thank you in advance.


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I recommend clicking the link in the email to view the notebook. And then there should be a button called 'Join' that if you click will be added to your Evernote account (assuming you have one) If you don't have an Evernote account you will be asked to created one after choosing to join the notebook. All of this happens on the Web but shared notebooks will also be viewable in the mobile / desktop clients once you sync them. 


Hope that helps. 

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I believe that we are on the right war ...

Although I have klicked on the links (two in total), but they are really relevant web pages of others, not of my friend. So logically I have not found the word "join" anywhere in these pages?!

I have installed evernote on my PC and thus have already an account, actually to receive his share.

Now is the problem with the key word "join"!

It is a pity that he is for month or so abroad, so that I can not get direct help from him!

Thank you anyway!


I have also tested to share something via mail. There is no opportunity to link my notebooks in my mail to the receiver. Is it linked automatically? In my mail I must write the word "join" or this word will be inserted automatically?

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Thank you!

I've read the help from linked knowledge base.

There is still something not clear:

The following statement is not true in my case:


<zitat from "Share a notebook with others">

7. Invitees will receive an email containing a link to preview or join the notebook and add it to their Evernote account.



I have tested it. There is only a button "open the notebook". By klicking on the link I got it through the option "open in the internet" opened as a webpage. There is not the word "join" anywhere in the mail or in the webpage!

By sharing I have also no chance to share it as an URL!


I think that you all speak of an "Evernote Business user", don't you?


Thanks anyway!

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I have tested sharing as an URL.


After inserting the URL of the notebook into the sharing mail I sent the notebook to a test accout.
As the receiver clicked on the link a window popped up:

Request permission
This is a private note. To-time you do not have permission to read it.
Compete with the owner of this message to the permission for that.


I have entered the account infos, but nothing has happened.

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