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Geoposition, manual and automatic

White Tiger

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I've two opposite needs


How can I get the geoposition automatically in Win 8/8.1?


In some notes I don't want the current geoposition, but the geo position of a specific location.

Is it possible to insert the location instead of the geo coordinates?


Thanks in advance

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I'd imagine it's possible to insert a link to a Google Maps location,  but Evernote doesn't have much in the way of mapping capability.


I'm speaking about the the note information not about a geo data into the text of the note.


Now when I click for insert the geo position into info note I get an error even I have Win8 with geo setting.

If I wish to insert the geo position manually I must first to search for the location in the Google Maps to get the geo data.

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Just tried to set location in Win 8.0 - desktop app requested to switch on location services but couldn't retrieve location;  offered option of manual entry,  and window requests latitude, longitude and (optionally) altitude.  No other options available.  Don't know whether the initial failure is down to my hardware or a software glitch. 

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