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  1. OK, I thank you. Your suggestion is a bit 'too complicated I'm looking for an app to manage the thing autonomously like "SMS 2 Evernote". This creates a note for each number by bringing together all text messages of that name.
  2. I'm searching for an Android / Windows phone app to send the call log to Evernote. I'm using "SMS 2 Evernote" to archive the SMS and I want to do the same thing with the list of phone calls. Thanks in advance for the advices.
  3. @nc40 and @gazumped your suggestions are interesting but not what I asked. Tag Clouds simply shows the most frequent tag with different character dimension. I don't know smart folders in OS X, but the suggestion sounds to me like a "Extend Search" with more logical operators as "And", "Or", "Not" in more context as Notes, Tags and notebooks. This can be a very useful thing.
  4. I don't understand your question. With tag cloud I'm able to retrieve the notes using the most frequent tag. It is an usual way to retrieve content.
  5. I've a Sony Vaio PC with pre installed Evernote for Vaio in Win 7 Home Premium. When I try to login with my account I get the error (In Italian) "Impossibile connettersi al server". I've removed the original Evernote and installed the new version, but I've always the same error. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. I'm speaking about the the note information not about a geo data into the text of the note. Now when I click for insert the geo position into info note I get an error even I have Win8 with geo setting. If I wish to insert the geo position manually I must first to search for the location in the Google Maps to get the geo data.
  7. I know this, but are there some rumors? And are there some addons?
  8. I wish to buy a Wacom Tablet. How I can use it in Evernote for Windows? Tanks in advance
  9. Are there some news from Evernote team about the development of the tag cloud? Are there some external add-ons? Thanks in advance
  10. I've two opposite needs How can I get the geoposition automatically in Win 8/8.1? In some notes I don't want the current geoposition, but the geo position of a specific location. Is it possible to insert the location instead of the geo coordinates? Thanks in advance
  11. Not every link in DB. First hypothesis: Only the link that I want to save. In this case EN searches if exist another note with the same link. Second hypothesis When I open a note with a link (for a previous web clipping), EN verifies if in Internet the link is been updated
  12. I'm sorry but maybe there is a misunderstanding. I'm speaking about the new web page. So I thought that EN first verifies if the link already exists and then, if yes, show the date or advises me if the link is new. About the existing notes, my opinion is that EN is useful to save the contents to a certain date; but back on this note EN can report me if the original page has changed. Maybe the page has changed in insignificant mode, but in the meantime I am warned.
  13. If I save in EN-Windows a lot of PDF, images or other files, what happens in a EN installed into a tablet or a smartphone? I can manage a very large DB in Windows, but in a smartphone often I'm not able to save large files because the space is less than a hard disk.
  14. I'm using EN for my research and now I'm saving all my bookmarks as notes in EN. What is the problem? When I find in Internet a useful page that I have already found in the past and saved I'm able to see a yellow star in the address bar. But if I wish to save the page in the EN there is nothing that indicates to me the presence of the same page. Another thing. With EN I'm able to save a web page for life while a bookmark can be broken. But a bookmark it is able to reflect a changed page while with a EN note I'm not able to know if in Internet the page is changed. So, it would be useful to know if a web page (link) exists in EN (at the moment to save it in EN) and if the web page is newer or with the same date.
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