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[Request] Multiple Authors

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I second this request. I personally use Evernote to organize all of my research materials with all of the relevant location, creation date, and author information I need to cite each piece. However, one of the glaring shortcomings of using Evernote as a research organization tool is the ability to list multiple authors in the note info section. It is possible to just list them, but the names will not show up as separate entries even when divided by a semicolon. 


I would also like to add that it would be really nice to have a feature that would enable users to see notes within a particular notebook or tag organized within chronological creation date. I'm an historian, and the ability to upload docs, fill in their creation date, and then be able to see them contextualized chronologically would make Evernote an absolutely indispensable tool for ALL researchers.

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So why not list the authors in the note and alter the note created date or use a yyyymmdd title to sort the notes chronologically? 


It's already possible to do everything you ask for,  but Evernote doesn't have a specific field for each piece of information,  because AFAIK it's not looking to corner the market in curation databases.


If you absolutely need these specific fields,  I'm sure there are other applications that provide them..

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