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EN 5 bugs on a couple of things that used to work


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I'm getting increasingly irritated by a couple of features that used to work in EN 4 for Windows and stopped working in EN 5:


1. Shortcuts created in EN4 work correctly if I display them on the Top bar instead of on Sidebar. Shortcuts created in EN5 only work on the Sidebar, NOT on the Top bar. I click on them and nothing happens.


2. Imagine that 1, 2, 3 is the order in which I'm seeing notes displayed in my List View. If I select notes in a certain order and hold Ctrl, say, Note 3, Note 1, Note 2 -- all three are selected. I right click and select Copy Note Links expecting to see the links pasted in the order I've selected them, but the links show up as Note 1, Note 2, Note 3.  If I choose to use "Create Table of Contents Note" instead of pasting the note links myself, the same occurs. Thus, the sequence in which these links display in either case depends on whatever sort order (created / updated / notebook) I've specified, which is tremendously restrictive.


Both these features used to work in EN 4.


Thanks for looking into this, as always,


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#1 has been fixed in the betas (latest is


#2: I never noticed selection order with respect to note links before, so I can't testify as to whether this worked in version 4 or not, but it does work as you say currently. And that's contrary to the order that's used for merging notes, which it probably ought to, if there's no reason that note links work differently.

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