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Sidebar notebook list: sort alphabetically instead of by note count?



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My sidebar is alphabetical (OSX 10.9.4/EN 5.5.2) so it would appear to be able to be changed.  However, I don't see any options to change it.  I can change the sort in the notebook window (view/notebooks) but that doesn't change the sort in the sidebar.

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Sidebar Notebooks does not show total notebook count. Is there a way to change or set that?

Sidebar NOTES shows the total number but not Notebooks



Go to EN Mac Preferences > General and check "Show note counts in sidebar"

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JM, thanks for the reply......my question is about NOTEBOOKS (Why you cannot see the total as you can with notes)

I have "Show Note Count checked" and it works as you suggested.

I need to know how to do that with NOTEBOOKS



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