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Evernote Not Working - Beta 5 for Mac - Web Client





I wanted to make a problem with Evernote clear.


I recently updated to Beta 3 (the latest mac version) so I could create tables with editable cell widths. However, these widths did not transfer over into the web app on my Chromebook so my notes are very sloppy.


I did this to use the Cornell Note Taking Method but now it just looks very poorly made.

Will Evernote be fixing this anytime soon??


I attached what the note looks like on the desktop compared to on the web app, backspacing on the web app doesn't work it just stays like that. 


Desktop Cornell Notes:




Web App Cornell Notes



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I think it has something to do with the Web App not recognizing the table widths being changed as it does not have that functionality yet, can someone from Evernote help me out on this? 


I would like this to be fixed!


I PLEDGE to purchase premium if someone from Evernote fixes this bug!

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