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Dear Evernote: What made you stoop to embedding Genieo into my Evernote download.  Shame on you. Not only is Genieo a nuisance, it was tricky to get rid of. Shame on you.  I hear raves about Evernote, but no one told me that Genieo would come creeping into my computer with you.  Shame on you.

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Are you sure that you were infected by Evernote? I can't find any evidence of Genieo in the latest Mac beta.


Which client did you download? Have you looked at the download package? If so, where did you find Genieo?

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Dear Mr. Metrodon:


I downloaded one application in the last ten days--Evernote

Genieo appeared immediately after I downloaded Evernote

There is no other apparent explanation why Genieo would suddenly appear on my Mac unless it came with my Evernote download.


I must say that I really like Evernote.  I subscribed to Evernote.  I downloaded Evernote and I received Evernote along with a secret passenger=Genieo


in my mind there is no other way to explain this phenomenon.  To your question I found Genieo in my applications after the appearance.  Client? I don't believe I understand your question

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