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Security f*ck up - this isn't my account!

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This morning I tried to get 2-factor authentication to work on the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome, and neither SMS nor Google Authenticator codes were accepted. I came here to try to find a solution and when I clicked the Sign In link on the forums I found myself magically logged in as this user. Just one problem - I have no idea who tassiecelt is.


Sir, I'm sorry if you see this as an abuse of your profile but I'm logging out immediately and I do this to illustrate that I'm not making this up. I was given the option to change your profile settings, but fortunately the email and password settings page asked me to enter a 2-factor authentication code.


I'll go back to my own profile (if it'll let me enter my own login details this time) and post a follow-up message below.

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Definitely contact support. Ideally while signed into your actual account.

As a user forum there's not much we can do here to help. That being said it is good for us fellow users to be aware of this extremely unusual situation.

It would be fantastic if you could return and post an explanation when this is all wrapped up, I'm terribly curious about why this occurred.

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I've contacted support via the security section of Contact Us. I'm able to login to my own Evernote account and see my own notes, but I've tried repeatedly now to log into my own account to post back here with no success. I'm consistently redirected past the page where I can type in my own details.


Mr tassiecelt - I apologise for doing this but I wasn't sure how to contact you; I've altered your forum settings so that you'll hopefully get a notification that this problem exists.

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Forum notifications are going to my own email address. The only explanation I can think of at the moment is that someone I used to share my account with started using the forums without my knowledge. They are definitely not that person in the photo, however, and I don't recognise the username tassicelt from any other associated accounts. Are forum usernames completely separate from Evernote usernames? I'd have expected my forum username to be related to my Evernote login details.

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Wait - scrap that theory. I've checked the forum posting history for this tassiecelt account and there have been posts made in the last couple of months. That definitely wasn't me, and it isn't possible that it was the person I used to share the account with either.


Still confused.

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Since Evernote uses a single sign on system for the forums here and for Evernote, your forum account (which starts out, initially auto populated with your Evernote user name, but which you can change) is tied to your actual Evernote credentials. When you are logged into Evernote as yourself, somehow this account you areusinghere is tied to that, they use the same email address (which we can assume from the single sign on).

How exactly this all occurred is a real puzzle. En staff who can actually view account information will hopefully be able to work with you to untangle it!

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