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Bugs in new window format; also unauthorized emails

Nancy H


What the heck is going on with Evernote? It's opening window has a totally new format!

There was no advance notice of this change, it just suddenly appeared. Worse, it's got bugs:


1) The menu bar at the top of the page has disappeared. There is no way to access the note editor, close a note, etc.

2) Clicking on a note and hitting the delete key -- which used to delete a note -- now does nothing.

3) Some of my new notes now are email messages, even though I have not authorized Evernote to do anything with my emails.

I have not set my system up to send my emails to Evernote, so why are they going there?

4) Some of the messages are spam. How did someone get access to my email and my Evernote account?


 I've already sent in a support request reporting these problems. Any other ideas?


Nancy H

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Here's a Web Clipper screenshot. Note absence of menu bar at top of window, even with hovering over where it should be; and absence of editing menu above the note content. I'm a relative newbie. I too am thinking my best bet would be to uninstall and reinstall Evernote. 


How would I do that without losing any notes, notebooks, etc.? I back up Evernote daily with a 3-backup system on external hard drives, but I'd rather not have to reinstall content from them if possible.



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If everything is syncing properly, uninstalling, including removing the database, then re-installing will not result in you losing data or having to restore from a backup. The newly installed Evernote should just pull everything back down from the server. That is the purpose of syncing to Evernote's servers, after all!


Since you have backups, you'd be covered in the extremely unlikely situation that something does go wrong with your uninstallation. 



Unfortunately that screenshot doesn't seem to load... 

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Unfortunately there's no sync button or option on the page - weird.


My applications list shows Evernote_402643.dmg as the download on this computer.


I discovered the info below on my account. 

1) It appears that Evernote for Mac, which I had been using, was taken over by Evernote Web, the current bad version.

2) The last entry explains why I suddenly started receiving email in Evernote.


I hadn't downloaded or requested Evernote Web nor Evernote email. Could this problem possibly be malware?


I can trigger a system backup now. Then OK to uninstall and reinstall a clean version?




Access History
You are currently accessing Evernote from IP address **.4.***.243 in California, United States.
The following apps have accessed your account since Sunday, June 8 2014 App Accessed IP Address
(Estimated Location)
Evernote Web
  • 07/22/2014
and 12 more
(California, United States) Evernote Web Clipper for Safari

Safari (MacOS)

  • 07/21/2014
and 10 more
(California, United States) Evernote for Mac

Nancy’s MacBook Pro

  • 07/09/2014
and 17 more
(California, United States)
These other services have also accessed your account recently Service Last Accessed Evernote Email Gateway 07/07/2014
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I am having trouble following your post. 


On what web page are you looking for a "sync button" or "option"? 


The .dmg file contains the Evernote application. You can double click the dmg file and drag Evernote to your application folder after you have uninstalled the original one. This is the way the majority of applications are distributed on Mac computers. A bit more on the different ways to install applications on Mac:




I discovered the info below on my account. 

1) It appears that Evernote for Mac, which I had been using, was taken over by Evernote Web, the current bad version.

2) The last entry explains why I suddenly started receiving email in Evernote.

1) What do you mean "taken over by Evernote Web"?  

Be aware: Evernote Web refers to when you access your notes through your web browser. This would also likely show up if you access your account preferences at www.evernote.com, which it sounds like you have just done. Evernote Web is NOT an application. 


This log you post doesn't suggest any "taking over" or "replacing", it is just a cumulative list of all the different things that have accessed your data. For example, every computer you have installed Evernote on will show up, same with any time you access Evernote using your web browser, or using your mobile device. This log is just a way for you to audit who has accessed your info, and from where. since it looks like all of the listings are from the same IP address and geographic location, it looks like you are the only person who has been accessing them. This is good. 

2) I suggest going into your Account settings at Evernote.com and reset the "Email Notes To" email address (it should look something like example93948@m.evernote.com) . This should nix any spam that might be showing up. If you email things to Evernote, make sure you update your contact info with the newly created email address.



Sometimes those example93849@m.evernote.com email address can be guessed by spambots that cycle through words and numbers until they land on an address that doesn't bounce back, or perhaps you have accidentally posted it somewhere or included it in a contact card you sent to someone or a combination of all of these things. This is why Evernote offers the ability to reset it. Resetting it should likely resolve this issue. I think this is VERY rare, in over 4 years using the same example838379@m.evernote.com address I have never noticed this happen. Just bad luck. Perhaps this is because my name, which makes up part of that address, is fairly obscure and not likely to turn up in a dictionary/random name list a spambot might utilize. 

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Hi Scott,


First of all, let me say thanks for your help! It's amazing to me that you're not an EN employee yet so willing to help others.


I don't know what I was thinking when i mentioned a sync button. There is none -- just the sync symbol -- so no wonder you were confused.   :huh:


Thanks for explaining about the .dmg file and  the log file. Thanks too for explaining how I ended up on the Evernote Web, and that it's not an application.


I'm following your recommendations. I also emailed customer support to update the support ticket I opened previously, referring the tech to this discussion.


Off to uninstall and reinstall EN...

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