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Printable Evernote Manual

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I am new to Evernote and so far so good and loving it.  But is there a manual of Evernote that I could print off.  I have looked all over the place within Evernote and I see instructions but would love printable instructions to refer to.  If there is please give me instructions to locate and print.  Thanks a bunch. 

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There is no single, comprehensive manual for Evernote. There are a number of great online resources.... they may or may not be printable (personally, I don't like to print ANYTHING if I can avoid it, one of the reasons I use Evernote, after all!). 

For example, for basic functionality you could look at the knowledge base:



If you don't mind spending a few dollars, there are some great ebooks such as Brett Kelly's Evernote Essentials:



There are a number of Evernote Ambassadors who run blogs. One of my favourites is Jamie Rubin's blog:


There are lots of different ambassadors that cater to particular use-cases, ranging from higher education, to business, to crafting, and so on. A list of a few here:



There are some users on this forum who operate blogs that sometimes discuss Evernote, a highlight:

http://www.christopher-mayo.com  (User is GrumpyMonkey on these forums)


And of course there are these forums. A lot of people post great ideas here. I know the way I use Evernote is a combination of lots of ideas cobbled together from all the places I've listed above and more. 


Really Evernote is what you make of it. No two people use Evernote the same, so you really need to look at all the things that are out there and pick and choose the techniques that work for you and your needs. Nobody can tell you exactly how you should use Evernote, they can only tell you how they use Evernote, and it is up to you to choose to incorporate those ideas, or not!

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