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Reminder Date Column in Notebook List View


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I'd like to request a new feature.


When viewing my notes in a notebook using the List View, I'd like to be able to optionally add a column to List View that shows the reminder date and time associated with a note. I'd like the column to sort in ascending or descending time order with blank reminder dates collected at the bottom of the sort list. This would allow me to sort my action item notes so I can take a holistic approach to deciding which note to work on next (evaluating notes both with and without reminder dates at the same time).


Currently, when reviewing my action item notes in list view I have to open a note or switch to another view to determine if the note has a reminder date associated with it.


Please let me know if there's any additional info that I can provide to clarify this request. Thanks!

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Reminders already appear at the top of the note list and can be opened/ sorted from there - what's the benefit of them appearing here too/ instead?

In the Windows client, not in List View, unfortunately.

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