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Confused about note links



I am thoroughly confused.  I continue to link notes easily within Evernote.  I right click, select "copy note link" and paste it into the other note. It appears in green with the title of the note and is very tidy.  Clicking on this green link opens the linked note.  No problem.


I have a Numbers file that is stored as a note in Evernote.  This note gets treated as pasting into an application other than Evernote.


I understand that Evernote made a change in Note Links so that they can either paste as a Web Note Link or a Classic Note Link. I know that In either case the long chain that results can be pasted into the browser to get the linked note to open.


But why in the world would I want something this long to show as a Note Link in my document:




And it doesn't even paste in green to set it off as a link.  Am I missing something?  

Thanks so much!



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It depends on where - i.e. in what software you are inserting the link.  If you paste as standard,  you'll get the full link.  There's usually a way to add a hyperlink to a document and show the note title in the document,  but embed the full URL behind it.  Have a look at your software 'help' and look for "add hyperlink"

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