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what's this icon for and how to hide it



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This icon is shown automatically when Evernote get started, and it is always on top of the screen at a fixed position. I can't drag it to other place, and I have to quit Evernote to hide it.


I updated the link to show the problem.




BTW, I am using Mac OS 10.10 DP2. If this problem is caused by Apple's beta OS, please ignore it.



Thank you for response.

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1) If you are beta testing an Apple OS, you would be violating your non-disclosure agreement posting this here. In the future I would avoid posting about issues you find in a beta operating system protected by an NDA. You should only ever make public posting about problems discovered in a publicly released version of the OS.

2) Does this occur when you boot into your Mavericks (or any other publicly released OS) partition? 

3) Check system preferences>Accessibility for any setting that might be at fault. Often accessibility settings are responsible for mysteries like this. I can't find anything in Mavericks like this so it may be a 10.10 specific thing. 

4) Post this problem in the Apple developers forum or the Apple Seed forum, depending on which group you belong to. 

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