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Expensify Syncing


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The way Expensify receipts sync right now you can only sync 1 expensify account with 1 evernote account.  Part of my business is bookkeeping and I use evernote and expensify to manage receipt level reporting for my clients. The problem is I have multiple clients and therefore have to log-in and log-out of evernote depending on which client's receipts I am dealing with. I can just load all receipts into 1 evernote's "expenisfy" notebook because it will sync to just 1 companies expensify account...  


It would be easier if with a business level subscription to evernote I could sync multiple expensify accounts to multiple evernote notebooks all under my one business evernote account. 


Is this feasible? 

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I guess besides benefitting bookeepers of the world,  being able to tie expensify into a notebook rather than a complete account would mean that consultants could use it to manage their work for several clients.  There could be a reasonable return there for whatever development work is involved.  I'd imagine that rather depends on work to Expensify rather than Evernote though.  Have you raised this with them?

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