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some notes not OCR'd


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I got my ScanSnap ix500 last December when I opened a Premium account, got it all set up and scanned a bunch of stuff... all seemed to be working great.  Then my computer had to be rebuilt and I just finished setting it all up again.  It seems that some of my scans are not being OCR'd and I can't figure out why.  I'm counting on being able to find stuff all throughout the docs I'm scanning.  Is there a setting in Evernote or the ScanSnap that might not be set correctly?  I've gone through all the settings I can find with no luck.  I'm not sure if I have ABBYY set up correctly.  Is this required?  I honestly thought the OCR function happened on the Evernote side, but I can't find anything there either.  Is there any way to force OCR in an EN note after the fact?


Thanks a bunch.

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Your ScanSnap can OCR your scans,  but needs ABBYY to do that.  There will be a setting in the scanner software somewhere to choose whether or not to use it.  If an OCR is not performed,  Evernote may OCR the document for you,  within certain limits.


To remove all doubt,  and include the files that would otherwise fall outside those limits,  and speed up the overall process,  some of us scan to folder without OCR first,  then batch OCR the files in that folder and use an Import Folder to dump them into Evernote.  That also give you a chance to correct any errors,  add more descriptive file names,  include dates etc. etc..


You can OCR files from notes - export them back to your desktop,  OCR manually and replace the existing copy in the note with the new file.  Beware this will debit your upload limit with the size of that file.

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