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Which is better? Image or PDF for search


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I upgrade to Premium thinking that PDF search is better than Image search.  However, after a few search, it seems that Image search is better.  Or am I wrong?


I upload the image and PDF of the same contents to Evernote.  When I did a search, for image it will highlight the search text on the image.  For PDF, it didn't.  So, I need to eye scan the PDF to find where the search text is.  That is worst if the PDF has multi pages.


So, which is better?  Should I keep it as Image or should I keep it as PDF.  How do you guys use?


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Whatever works for you.  I have a full version of Acrobat but even with the reader you should be able to do a word search through the document - if you need the exact page or context and will be searching frequently you could also consider dumping a text version of your PDF into the note as well as / instead of the PDF version.  I use both image and PDF formats - there are pros and cons to both as has been discussed in the forums before (please search for details*),  and my main reason for using images was that they show up inline in notes on my Android device. 


*In brief, image searches rely on Evernote translating the pixels that make up 'house' into the word.  In OCR'd PDF documents 'house' can't be anything other than the characters used to spell it.

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